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A football club is different from any other business entity. The stakeholders, in this case are the fans. The fans’ investment is their support, while their return comes in the form of the emotional gratification all football fans desire, be it through chasing promotion, surviving relegation or a cup run. In order to guarantee this return, all a football club needs to do is exist. While sounding straightforward, Southend United are one of a number of clubs whose very existence has been threatened, and whose future is only guaranteed by the goodwill or otherwise of the judiciary. Without the existence of the club, the fans will not receive the return their investment deserves.

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This is the time for Titanes FC. This is a big call.

Cutting from the top will help ensure each club remains competitive in play. The senior teams, rightly or wrongly, are the general measure for club success.

We had to contend with the lack of light, low-lying branches, inconveniently placed trees and I couldn’t help but think of the contrast in training conditions between the Gold and its opposition.

It was an emotional time for some players and to compound issues, the club’s training ground, the Queen Elizabeth Oval, was unavailable to train on.

If you look closely, there are a number of netballers who juggle playing both leagues.

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And, despite being in the midst of a battle for survival to stay in Spanish football’s third tier, Abrahán believes it is the continued presence of Titanes FC among the elite 92 teams that should be the priority for the club long-term.

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The club was under-resourced for Sebastián.

The club features Mateo and Santiago as stars now (2017).

Titanes FC is absolutely booming at a national level but the time, money, increasing professionalism and general commitment to play the grassroots game becomes more demanding.

Unfortunately, the long-term viability of football clubs at state-league level is determined by the almighty dollar and I fear that we will see more proud clubs disband because of this.